Rhode Island Division

"What a blast!"
Reviewed May 20, 2017

Great day! We did the six miles and it took about 1 hour 30 minutes. Great fun for all ages. Great crew, very organized. You must do this!

Great time.
Reviewed May 20, 2017

We had 4 in our group, it was a great time! The staff were very professional. Wonderful scenery. Very clean along the tracks. I would do this again.

Unique and Fun Experience
Reviewed May 14, 2017

This was a really fun and unique experience along the railroad. You do not necessarily need to be in shape to do this tour. Peddaling is pretty easy. The carts get spaced out which was nice not riding with someone else directly in front or back of you. The tour takes you along many sections of the coastline with views one cannot typically get from other parts of the area including Carnegie Abbey, the Mt. Hope Bridge and the golf course.

Adirondack Division


"A must do attraction!!!"
Reviewed February 3, 2017

Rail Explorers Adirondack Division ride was the best activity i have had in years! If you do not take advantage of this attraction ASAP you are missing out on one of Adirondacks best excitement
! Do it now!!! Thank you and i will be back several times in 2017!!

"Best experience on our trip!"
Reviewed January 4, 2017

Found Rail Explorers while searching online. We actually planned our entire trip around it. My husband was doubtful, but agreed to ride the rails for me. We both thought it was awesome & plan to ride the rails again some day.

"Wonderful Excursion"
Reviewed November 3, 2016

12 of us went, ages 3 to 70, and it was great. We had the last ride of the year but the scenery was gorgeous. Included was a bus ride back which was nice.

"the best time"
Reviewed October 19, 2016

this is the best thing ive done in a long time! everyone needs to do this - put it on your bucketlist

"Amazing time!"
Reviewed October 18, 2016

We were a bit nervous that we'd be caught in the rain but the weather didn't matter. Our experience was the highlight of an amazing weekend. Every worker made sure we had a positive experience. They clearly care about their job, town, and local railroad. The views were amazing and the experience was truly one of a kind.

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Delaware Division

"Amazing Views and Lots of Fun!"
Reviewed June 22, 2016

Rail Explorers ran a pilot program in Delaware this Spring to test interest in bringing pedal carts to the Wilmington/Western rails. The 4+ mile round trip from the Hockessin area to Mt Cuba provided scenic views from a perspective only experienced previously by train. We were in a pedal cart for two and although there are some "hills" on the route, it was an easy ride for everyone participating when we were there. The cost was reasonable and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I understand they will be back for a full season next year and when they do, sign up quickly because available times filled up quickly this spring!

"What a blast!"
Reviewed June 13, 2016

A great way to spend a few hours. We got the last car of the season but it's worth it and Alex says that they'll be back. Basically it's a 2 or 4 person recumbent bicycle powered cart that sits on the rail tracks. Peddling is simple and you can get enough speed to make it fun or just be relaxed and take photos or the hidden countryside along the way. There is about a 30 minute rest at the Mount Cuba Park area, so we brought sandwiches for dinner and watched the river.

"Great new attraction in our area"
Reviewed May 30, 2016

This is a pedal car experience. You pedal cars along the rail road tracks through a beautiful country area with wooded areas, trestles and streams to a picnic area. Then you pedal back. My 7 year old grandson said he never had so much fun working so much. We also had 3 teenagers and an 88 year young person in our group . Everyone loved the trip. The people involved with the company were nice, fun and helpful.

"Ride the Rails, You Pedal"
Reviewed May 30, 2016
Rail Explorers has been operating in the Adirondack mountains in NY, and is now operating in Delaware. You ride about 3 miles on the rails, mostly level, low effort in cars for two or four people. At the end, there is a 20 minute break at a picnic area and then you pedal back. Nice scenery along the way, following a river, where we saw a great egret and a great blue heron.