Who we are

About Rail Explorers

Rail Explorers is a company that is passionate about sharing the fun and adventure of riding the rails. We provide a unique way of experiencing the outdoors in a safe, relaxed and enjoyable way. The summer of 2015 represented the first time our rail explorers have been ridden in the United States, and was the culmination of 3 years of hard work and preparation.

In 2017 Rail Explorers opened the Rhode Island Division offering tours along spectacular Narragansett Bay. Stay tuned for more news as the team searches for more exciting rail locations around the USA!

Pedal powered rail vehicles date back to at least the 1850’s, when maintenance workers used hand-cars and ‘rail bikes’ to travel along the tracks. They were used to transport crew and materials for track inspection and repairs. Today, there are a variety of designs in use around the world: the ‘Draisine’ of Europe; ‘rail bikes’ with aluminum frames and rubber wheels; and modified road bikes with an outrigger wheel.

Our custom built explorers are the latest development of this technology, and are the global leader in safety, design and ease of operation.

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