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Green Eco Tourism

Rail Explorers is committed to social and environmentally responsible operations and management. We define sustainability through the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial, or People, Planet, Profit.

The rail explorers are 100% zero emissions and our tours have little to no impact on the environment and eco-systems we travel through.  

Rail Explorers uses recycled products whenever possible. We minimise paper usage by opting for email and online communications. We recycle as much of our trash as possible and consider the environment when making purchasing decisions.

The activation of the Rail Explorers experience requires minimal new construction – no new roads, no new development through sensitive eco-systems. The tracks are already there, and they are rail explorer ready. The railroad network represents a more efficient and less environmentally damaging transportation option, and Rail Explorers supports the preservation and development of rail networks for public transportation and freight. 

We hope that through Rail Explorers a new generation of travellers will come to embrace the railroad, reducing the number of cars on our roads and greenhouse gases in the air.