Rail Explorers

Take a tour with Rail Explorers and experience the magic of the railroad like never before! Ride the rails on our pedal-powered 'Rail Explorers' - a unique activity suitable for everyone. Las Vegas division now open all year round!


Currently operating in 4 spectacular locations across the US - where do you want to rail explore today?

Cooperstown, NY

Cooperstown, NY

Cooperstown, featuring the world famous Baseball Hall of Fame is also home to the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad. Ride "The Milford Track" - a 12 mile round trip through the farm lands and forests alongside of the Susquehanna River. Or choose the shorter 'Charlotte Valley Express' an 8 mile round trip to the Riverside Turnaround and back again.
The Rail Explorers custom railbikes are equipped with electric pedal assist motors. Bring some light
refreshments to enjoy at the 20 minute break at the midway turnaround.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip there is an exhilarating round trip ride where you'll experience the beauty of the Nevada desert, the River Mountains and the Eldorado Valley like never before.
Weekend Tours include a return trip on one of the historic trains from the collection at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Division operates along the Old Colony Railroad, built in 1862. The rails meander alongside spectacular Narragansett Bay offering riders unique views that include Jamestown, the Mount Hope Bridge, Hog Island Lighthouse, and coastal woodlands.
Riders on the Southern Circuit are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy at Bayside Station during the 20 minute turnaround.

The Catskills, NY

The Catskills, NY

Experience the magic of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad as you travel alongside the Esopus Creek through the beautiful woods of the Catskill Mountains. Under a canopy of maple and birch, with the river rushing by and the mountains in the distance, this tour is an unforgettable experience. Bring a snack and a drink to enjoy at our creekside turnaround. This is an 8 mile round trip with electric pedal assistance.

Rail Explorers Gift Card

Rail Explorers Gift Cards

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience with Rail Explorers. Choose a gift card which can be redeemed for either a Tandem Explorer (2 riders) or Quad Explorer (4 riders) at any Rail Explorers location.

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Family activity and access for everyone

The Rail Explorers are easy to pedal, the terrain is mostly flat and the ride is relaxing and enjoyable. Everyone can enjoy this activity: couples young and old, groups of friends, and families of all ages and abilities. The pedal powered Explorers provide a smooth and comfortable adventure suitable for all.

Guided but Solitary

At Rail Explorers safety is our first priority, so all tours have a trained guide at the front and in the last Explorer. Tours depart on a set schedule, but all riders are spread out, with up to 500ft between you and those in front and behind. The front and rear guides ensure that everyone arrives safely, but the distance between the bikes allows everyone to go at their own pace and enjoy the magic of riding the rails in solitude.

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